week 9 - Monday Movie Wednesday Archaeology in Practice The...

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Monday October 18, 2010 Movie Wednesday October 20, 2010 Archaeology in Practice: The Nitty Gritty -About 80% of what archaeology is in practice: data collection, management, and analysis -The other 20% (in terms of time) is “writeup” Creative Destruction: Experimental Archaeology -Broken ceramics -Using a rim diameter diagram to predict the size of the ceramics Recording Ceramic Data -How many of you have a body sherd-no trace of a rim? Cannot be used with the chart -Those with rim: calculate rim diameter and if it is polychrome (more then 1 color) Inferring Economic Processes -Production: technology, standardization, specialization, quality, elaboration -Distribution: place of production to place of consumption -Consumption: activity patterns serving wares, mix of liquid and solid consumables Link to other domains of culture -Political economy: global exchange system, global relation of production -Ideology: “distinction”- how consumption patterns display and perform status, distinction b/w classes or other social groups Friday October 22, 2010 Indus: State or Not? (Possehl) Possehl: What is state? -Centralization of power, big populations, urbanism, writing systems, craft specialization, -Defines state as having following traits: centralized, institutionalized leadership: kings as symbolic embodiment of the people, often deified;
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week 9 - Monday Movie Wednesday Archaeology in Practice The...

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