week 10 - Monday October 25, 2010 Rice Foraging-Wild rice...

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Unformatted text preview: Monday October 25, 2010 Rice Foraging-Wild rice as grain mature, they are shed-Rice panicle mature over 16 day period, so qty of grain available varies over time-To maximize grain recovery, plants must be targeted early in cycle, so large proportion of immature spikelets will also be recovered-Lessens selective pressure for domesticated plants-Latest research shows that earlier rice dates were for wild rice not domesticated rice-Wild rice cultivation around 5000BC and domestication occurred around 4000bc-As in Near East, sedentism and pottery production precedes agriculture considerably-This begin the case, millet domestication occurred first Animal Husbandry-Pigs, dogs, chickens focus of animal husbandry in Early Neolithic-Pigs domestication by 6000bc millet used as fodder for pigs-Initial chicken domestication is unclear-Domesticated cattle didn’t come in until much later from elsewhere, most likely south Asia Pigs-Pgs has significance towards rituals-Clay pigs in burials, pig bones in elite graves, agricultural output to feed pigs The Neolithic in the North (Yellow River)-Two major cultures in north Yangshao Culture-Settled farming life way established-Kin-based social organization-Incipient social inequalities, but no stratification per se until late Yangseo times-Long distance exchange, craft industries Key Cite: Banpo-Household as basic unit of production-Little evidence for surplus or communal storage-Low frequency of anemia and dental cavity-Signs of dental stress and wear, consistent with broad-spectrum foraging/hunting-Isotopic study indicated focus on millet Banpo-Near Xian, tributary to Yellow River-Around 100 circular houses surround by drainage and defensive ditch...
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week 10 - Monday October 25, 2010 Rice Foraging-Wild rice...

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