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jazz 5 notes - Musician Art Tatum Art...

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Transition from Swing to Transition from Swing to Bebop Bebop Charlie Christian - Charlie Christian - Breakfast Feud Breakfast Feud *Charlie Christian w/ Goodman sextet. *Blues form. This is a compilation of several solos. *Each solo is introduced by a 4 bar phrase. *First example of amplified electric guitar. Django Reinhardt Django Reinhardt *1910-1953 *Belgian gypsy guitarist *1928 - Lost 2 fingers in a fire.
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Compensated with a new technique. *Un-amplified – unlike Charlie Christian *Quintette du Hot Club de France *First outstanding European Jazz
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Unformatted text preview: Musician Art Tatum Art Tatum *1909-1956 *Severely limited vision *Amazing Technique & velocity at piano *Reharmonization * Willow Weep for Me * Tiger Rag Coleman Hawkins Coleman Hawkins * Body & Soul – A famous pop song, he plays nothing resembling the original melody. *Extensive use of the tri-tone substitution. *Very advanced harmonic concepts. I Got Rhythm I Got Rhythm *Don Byas (Tenor Sax) *Slam Stewart (Bass) *Recorded 6/9/1945 *Don Byas – very advanced tenor sax *Slam Stewart known for bowed/sung solos...
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