jazz final study guide - Final Exam study guide Spring 2009...

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Final Exam study guide – Spring 2009 1. Know something about each of these jazz musicians Cootie Williams- Charles Melvin ("Cootie") Williams (b. July 10 , 1911 , Mobile, Alabama - d, September 15 , 1985 , New York, New York ) was an American jazz and rhythm and blues trumpeter . Cootie Williams was renowned for his growling "jungle" style trumpet playing (in the tradition of trumpeter Bubber Miley and trombonist Joe "Tricky Sam" Nanton ) and for his use of the plunger mute , and was reputed to have inspired Wynton Marsalis 's use of it. [3] Scott Lafarro - Rocco Scott LaFaro (April 3, 1936 – July 6, 1961) was an influential jazz double bassist , perhaps best known for his work with the Bill Evans Trio . Jaco Pastorious John Francis Anthony "Jaco" Pastorius III (December 1, 1951–September 21, 1987) was an American jazz musician and composer widely acknowledged for his skills as an electric bass player, [1] [2] as well as his command of varied musical styles including jazz, jazz fusion , funk , and jazz-funk . He is regarded as one of the most influential bass players of all time. Bass player (electric) with Weather Report Changed the direction of jazz bass playing Imitated just as the great jazz bassists. Outstanding in four different roles Walking Bass Interactive approach (ala Scott LaFarro) Funk Bass Soloist Chet Baker Chesney Henry "Chet" Baker Jr. ( Yale, Oklahoma , December 23, 1929 - Amsterdam , Netherlands May 13, 1988) was an American jazz trumpeter , flugelhorn player and singer . Gerry Mulligan (Saxophone) “Pianoless” quartet. Used counterpoint as the main focus. No harmonic instrument was present. Bernie’s Tune Walkin’ Shoes Django (Guitar) , only used two fingers, addition of the violin, European jazz musician 1910-1953 Belgian gypsy guitarist 1928 - Lost 2 fingers in a fire. Compensated with a new technique.
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Un-amplified – unlike Charlie Christian Quintette du Hot Club de France First outstanding European Jazz Musician Paul Chambers Double bassist Instrument(s) Double bass Label(s) Blue Note Records , Prestige Records , Verve Records , Riverside Records Associated acts Miles Davis Quintet Kenny Dorham Quartet Art Blakey Arthur (Art) Blakey (October 11, 1919 – October 16, 1990), [1] born in Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania . Also known as Abdullah Ibn Buhaina , he was an American jazz drummer and bandleader . Stan Getz Stanley Gayetzky or Stanley Gayetsky (born February 2, 1927 in Philadelphia – died June 6, 1991 in Malibu , California ), usually known by his stage name Stan Getz , was an American jazz saxophone player. Known as "The Sound" because of his warm, lyrical tone, Getz's prime influence was the wispy, mellow tone of his idol, Lester Young . Brazilian
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jazz final study guide - Final Exam study guide Spring 2009...

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