Jazz Terminology - band and the drummer 8 Tag a colloquial...

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Jazz Terminology 1) AABA- form of many standard tunes. 32 bars long. 4 sections of 8 bars . includes a BRIDGE. 2) Blues- A feeling, also a form of music. 12 bars, 3 sections of 4 bars each. Text is a statement, statement, commentary. i) I got to keep movin, Blues fallin down like hail. I got to keep movin down like hail. I can’t keep no money with a hellhound on my trail. ii) Another example is elvis “you ain’t nothing but a hound dog” 3) Bridge- the middle section of an AABA tune. Usually has a different key area. It leads back into the A section. Also part of a stringed instrument that holds up the strings. 4) Chorus- one pass through the form of the tune. Similar to going around board game. Most people play too many choruses. 5) Solo break- a spot in the music where the band stops playing in order to let the soloist get a good start. 6) Stop time- the soloist is the only person keeping time. The rhythm section and/or band usually plays a note every two or four bars. 7) Trading fours- alternating four (X) bar phrase between the rest of the
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Unformatted text preview: band and the drummer . 8) Tag- a colloquial expression, meaning an added or tagged on ending. 9) Vamp- a short section (usually 2 bars) repeated over and over. It’s a type of loop. 10) Verse- an introductory section of a popular song or ballad, as distinguished from the chorus. It may have an irregular number of bars. 1. ASCAP: American society of composers, authors, and publishers. A liscensing agency. (BMI) important because back in the day jazz musicians didn’t get money for someone else playing their songs. Now they get the money when someone else plays their song unless the other artist takes the tune and changes the melody and adds new lyrics. 2. Gig- a musician’s job 3. Jam session- an informal gathering of musicians, playing on their own time and improvising on one or two numbers. After hours. This is now a rare occurrence. 4. Sideman- a musician in a band, diff from the leader. Makes less money than the leader....
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Jazz Terminology - band and the drummer 8 Tag a colloquial...

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