Privacy Law Checkpoint Week 8

Privacy Law Checkpoint Week 8 - The only employees who are...

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Are workplace communication privacy laws and policies not ethical? Many arguments were made about the expectation of privacy at work and mine was for policies and laws. The expectation from an employer is honesty and integrity. Very often there is one employee that will ruin it for everyone else and unfortunately that is why these privacy issues have come into play. These policies and laws have been put into play to protect employees and not harm them. Letting employees run amuck with their communication has brought forth many problems in the work place from in appropriate treatment of employees to sexual harassment. Spelling out the expectation in the beginning when a person is hired within a company protects the employer from a lawsuit, and an employee from unlawful termination.
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Unformatted text preview: The only employees who are upset about these policies are the ones who want to break and bend the rules. There is nothing wrong with an employer expecting a person to actually work and not do things of a personal nature while being paid to perform a job. “Employee privacy, long considered a basic right, is often taken for granted by employees.” (“E-Monitoring in the Workplace: PRIVACY, LEGISLATION, AND SURVEILLANCE SOFTWARE.,” 2006). Trust is a two way street and there were many great arguments for and against. I am for job protection and if that means being monitored to be protected, then I am for it. E-Monitoring in the Workplace: PRIVACY, LEGISLATION, AND SURVEILLANCE SOFTWARE. . (2006). Communications of the ACM, 49 (issue 8), 73-77....
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