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1 - Secant function file function x = secant(fun x0 x1 xp =...

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1/ Function file Colebrook function file function F= colebrook(f) d=0.03; R=1*10^6; F=(1/sqrt(f))+ 2*log((d/3.7)+ (2.51/R*sqrt(f))); end %Where is friction factor, is the relative roughness of the pipe %material, and is Reynolds number based on pipe diameter . You are supposed to solve this equation for using secant method.
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Unformatted text preview: Secant function file function x = secant(fun, x0, x1) xp = x0; fp = feval(fun,xp); x = x1; fx = feval(fun,x); n=5; for i = 1:n xn = x - fx * (x - xp) / (fx - fp); xp = x; fp = fx; x = xn; fx = feval(fun,x); end Script file secant( 'colebrook' ,0.006,0.007) ans = 0.0108...
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