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DATE: October, 3, 2010 TO: Gale Greenleaf, Linguistic Expert FROM: Bradley Nguyen SUBJECT: Executive summary of M. Manea, M.G. Popescu, and F. Manae, Corrosion of Drill Pipes in Contact with Drilling Mud. Introduction The paper is presented by a team of professors of Universitatea Petrol - Gaze din Ploieşti in Romania. Professor Manea, Professor Popescu, and Professor Manae introduce the corrosive effect of salt on the metallic equipment when using mud in drilling. The team conducted many experiments to evaluate the deconstruction of metallic material when exposed to NaCl with concentrations of 15% and 30% at the temperatures at 25°C and 80°C. The paper contains many data and graphics, which help visualize the concepts easily even though it is short. Summary of Article As the initial thickness of the tubing material decreased by three fold after sixteen week of operation, it is essential to understand the relationship between the composition of fluid and metal. The different composition of the fluids that come in contact with the tubing as well as the chemical composition of the metallic compounds, determined different enhancement of the corrosive process. Steel corrosion in contact with oxidant- rich reservoir water causes serious damage to the metallic equipment. The situation is more complicated in the reservoir with various factors such as: the nature of the aggressive medium, the type of metal temperature, NaCl concentration in water. The diversity of drilling fluids of modern technology enforces the study of the corrosive action of the compound as well as anticorrosive protection. In static regime, the corrosive processes are evaluated using the gravimetric method, at
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graph1 - DATE: TO: FROM: SUBJECT: October, 3, 2010 Gale...

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