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Activities of the present online shop are implemented in accordance with the current United of America commercial laws; And in particular with the Consumer Protection Act № 2300-1 dated February 7, 1992. The seller of the goods offered in the present Online shop located at the address is SEAL COVER Limited liability company (hereafter – “Seller”). 1. DEFINITIONS 1.1. The Buyer is the natural person or legal entity placing Orders at the website , or the person stated as a recipient of the Goods. 1.2. The Seller is SEAL COVER LTD. 1.3. Online shop is a website having the Internet address www.SEAL . It presents the goods offered by the Seller to its Buyers for Ordering, as well as terms of payment and delivery. 1.4. Website – www.SEAL . 1.5. Goods – stock list presented at the website www.SEAL . 1.6. Order – certain positions from a stock list stated by the Buyer when preparing application at the website or through the Operator. 1.7. Operator – official representative of the Seller rendering information and consulting services to the Buyer by phone stated at the official website www.SEAL . 2. SUBJECT OF AGREEMENT 2.1. The Seller shall be obliged to transfer to the possession of the Buyer, and the Buyer shall be obliged to pay and accept the goods under the brand name of SEAL COVER ordered in the online shop www.SEAL (hereafter – Goods). Range and cost of the Goods are stated in the respective Specification being an integral part of the present Agreement. 3. PROCEDURE FOR AGREEMENT CONCLUSION AND AMENDMENTS TO ITS TERMS AND CONDITIONS 3.1. Text of the present Agreement is a public offering (in accordance with the article 435 and part 2, article 437 of RF Civil Code). 3.2. Fact of Ordering Goods from the Seller both on oneself and through Operator is an unconditional acceptance of the present Agreement, and the Buyer shall be regarded as a person entered into contractual relationship with SEAL COVER LLC. 3.3. Upon written request of the Buyer, SEAL COVER LLC shall finalize the Agreement with signatures of the Parties. 3.4. The Seller shall reserve the right to make amendments to the terms and conditions of the present Agreement. 4. PRICE AND PAYMENT PROCEDURE 4.1. Price of the Goods shall be stated at the Website. Prices are given in rubles per unit. 4.2. The Seller shall inform the Buyer about the cost of Order delivery by way of e-mail at the address stated when forming an Order by the Buyer or by phone only after Order processing. 4.3. Method of Order payment – 100% prepayment. 4.4. Obligation of the Buyer in regard to the payment of Goods price shall be deemed fulfilled as of the date of crediting of monetary funds to the current account of the Seller. 5. GENERAL PROVISIONS
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