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Period #17: Soil Compressibility and Consolidation (III) A. Review : In discussing the consolidation behavior of soil deposits, we have covered the two most basic issues: a) For given soil properties and applied loads, how much consolidation settlement will ultimately occur in the soil? and b) On what time scale will this occur? B. Practical Notes In engineering and/or construction practice, it is common practice to pre-load construction sites with temporary fill before a structure is actually built on the site. This is generally done when there are compressible silt and/or clay deposits at the site. 1 53:030 Class Notes; C.C. Swan, University of Iowa Compressible Soil virgin site site after pre-load is applied but before consolidation site after soil is consolidated site with pre-consolidated soil after surcharge layer is removed. Surcharge Layer Compressible Soil Consolidated Soil Surcharge Layer Over-consolidated Soil
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If a structure is constructed on a compressible soil deposit that has been pre-loaded and allowed to partially or fully consolidate, the settlements of the structure can be significantly reduced. If the thickness of the compressible soil at a site is very large, then
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consol3 - 53:030 Class Notes C.C Swan University of Iowa...

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