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The University of Iowa Fall Semester, 2003 53:030 Soil Mechanics Lab Experiment No. 12: Drained Triaxial Compression of Loose and Dense Sands A. Objective In this laboratory experiment,drained triaxial compression of loose and dense sands is performedto measure their stress- strain and shear strength properties. The shear strength behaviors measured in these tests can be compared/contrasted with those measured in the direct shear tests. B. Experimental Procedure 1. Sample Preparation a. Put vacuum grease on the base of the loading pedestal and place a sandstone endplate onto the loading pedestal. Fit a rubber membrane over the base of the loading pedestal and fasten it in place with an O-ring. b. Assemble the 3-piece jacket for the soil specimen around the loading pedestal and fasten in place using wingnuts. Pull the rubber membrane down over the top of the jacket. Using calipers measure the inside diameter of the jacket as well as the vertical distance 1 from the top of the jacket down to the sandstone endplate. c. Measure the mass of a dish of dry FI-6 sand and then place the sand into the jacket until it is approximately 0.5cm from the top. 1. For a loose sand specimen, pour the sand directly into the jacket until it reaches the appropriate level.
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