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Unformatted text preview: The University of Iowa Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering 53:030 Soil Mechanics, Fall Semester 2003 Laboratory Experiment Number 9: 1-Dimensional Consolidation of Fine-Grained Soil A. Objective In this laboratory experiment, one-dimensional consolidation of a fine-grained soil layer is mea- sured. The results of the consolidation test are used to estimate the “e vs. log ” behavior of the soil as well as its coefficients of consolidation and permeability , both as functions of void ratio . B. Background Consolidation is the process by which stresses applied to the soil are transferred to the soil skeleton (effective stresses) as excess pore pressures are dissipated. As fluid under pressure flows out of the stressed soil, the voids gradually collapse leading to a reduction in volume of the soil. For highly permeable soils such as coarse sands and gravels, consolidation tends to occur quite rapidly due to the soils’ high permeabilities. Consolidation of fine-grained soils occurs very slowly, however, because of their very small permeabilities. The consolidation time can be minimized though by using thin clay layers with small drainage distances . C. Experimental Procedure The experimental setup and procedure for this test is relatively standard can be found in any of the following references available in the Engineering Library: Procedure for Testing Soils, 4 edition, Sponsored by ASTM Committee D-18, 1964....
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lab9_03 - The University of Iowa Department of Civil &...

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