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Assignment 4 - Another vital part of a business is a...

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Louisa Laroche Software Engineering Prof. Strauss Assignment #4 Introduction to Computers To most computers is a vast array of information that is too complicated to grasp. And some goes to the extreme that computers will take over the world. Once you understand how they work this idea will be put to rest. To understand a computer is to understand something simple; example components of your own business. You control what it does, what it holds, how materials a communicated and what the overall purpose of the computer. As in a business there are vital components to operate. Think of these components as workers, each with their own job and goal. The hard drive job is to hold information, like a book keeper does in a big business. The goal is to organize your information so it is easy to retrieve.
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Unformatted text preview: Another vital part of a business is a communication manager. It is his/her job to relay information to the different parts of the business. It can range from the consumers, designers, and the executive board. In the computer this job is for the operating system. It communicates information from the software, users to the hardware part of the computer. Most especially it communicates information to the CEO of the computer: the CPU. The essential part of the business and the computer is a head component that will decide and process how information is passed; this is the CPU. There are many other components to the computer that allow it to succeed like the user or customer interaction with the monitor. So when you use a computer think of how it can serve you not how you can serve it....
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