Fungi—from supergroup unikota

Fungi—from supergroup unikota - Fungifrom...

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Fungi—from supergroup unikota -ancesters have one flagella on back like animals differ from animals b/c 1) cell wall with chitin(not all. . some have cellulose) 2)can not ingest. These organisms have huge vacuole (why they pop up right after rain) They grow during summer, when fall rain hits, pumps water into cells and theh within hours they all pop up. rizoto- seasonal Fungi are specialized absorbers. First group of fungi: 1) Chytrids—connection from protista (protista shape of fungi) [no cell walls b/w cells] a. Most fungi are unicellular b. Coenocytic, in unicellular chrytids, the entire cell becomes a gametangium (flagellated gametes) or a zoosporangium, c. Sends hypen(cellpipes) out like roots and go into en d. Coenozoic hyphaevironment and absorb. e. Absorb garbage that’s it rumen of cows. f. Differ from other fungi: still have cellulose in cell wall g. They still have gametes with flagella (zoospores). Higher fingi don’t have these anymore h. Some still have zygotic life cycle. i. Many are still sporic i. Raven says zygotic is ancestral (buzgo says bs) ii. Euglena. (slide 15) Example of fungal parasite/predates :sending hyphen into euglena Slide 18—similar in both stages. Forms a string of both cells… often no cell wall between the young and mature gametophyte. This is a sporic life cycle. They look similar but are different: in diploid stage forms chytrid in water, and special cells forms sporangia. Thin wall sporangia come in double package and it breaks open, and out comes flagellated zoospores. They swim away and form hyphen, expland and cycle
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comtinues to allow this organism to reproduced very fast. These are genetic clones
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Fungi—from supergroup unikota - Fungifrom...

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