10 - -Attenuation- weakening of...

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Terms - Pathogen- anything that will cause disease - Non-pathogens- Normal microbial flora - Mutalisitc relationship- both organisms benefit - Commensalistic- one benefits, one is neutral - Resident Flora - Transient Flora- come and go Interactions - Antagonisms- o Females- Lactobacillus vs. Candida albicans- keep each other in check - Synergisms o Symbiosis- two organisms living together Terms - Contamination- microbes are present - Infection- when microbes are growing inside living tissue o Infectious Disease- causing damage to tissue organism - Non Infectious Disease- disease with no microbial interaction (ex. diabetes) - Communicable- transmittable from host to host - Non Communicable- not transmittable from host to host (tetanus) - Pathogenicity- capacity of a microorganism to cause a disease - Virulence- intensity of disease (measure of pathogenicity)
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Unformatted text preview: -Attenuation- weakening of pathogenicity-Etiology-study of causes and origins of disease-Etiological agent- actual microbe that causes disease Classification of Diseases 1. Inherited diseases- caused by codes in DNA (ex. Sickle cell anemia) 2. Congenital- passed from mother to child (birth defects) 3. Degenerative- occur as body ages (kidney malfunctions) 4. Nutritional deficiencies- (ex iron= diphtheria) 5. Endocrine- based on excess or deficiency of hormones 6. Mental-7. Immunological- autoimmune (arthritis) body attacks itself 8. Neoplastic 9. Iatrogenic- caused by medical procedures or treatments (surgical errors, drug interactions) 10. Idiopathic- dont know what the cause is (Alzheimers) 11. Nosocomical- get it from being in a hospital (MRSA)...
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10 - -Attenuation- weakening of...

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