10-5EndTest2Notes - both steps-Denitrification-NO-2...

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10-5-10 Bios 320 Chemolithotrops - they get their electrons from the oxidation of inorganic molecules, which means they have to have electron donors that are not organic compounds. Cannot get from breakdown of glucose, proteins, or fats. They can get their electrons from electron donors: ELECTRON DONOR/ACCEPTORS H2 O2 Nitrtites O2 Ammonia O2 Hydrogen sulfide NO-3 Ferris Iron (Fe2+) O2 - still go through modified electron transport chain but the yield of ATP is very low - Since ATP yield is very low, they have to use a large amount of these donors. - Nitrification: deals with oxidation of nitrogenous compounds o NH4 (ammonia) NO-2(nitrite) NO-3(nitrate) o This process put nitrogen compounds in a state that can be used my many organisms. Too much nitrogen can be toxic. They all need nitrogen, but they cant allow it to build up . o You have organism A and B that facilitate it… one can not perform
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Unformatted text preview: both steps.-Denitrification-NO-2 N2(GAS)-Nitrogen is the most abundant gas in atm, and if it wasn’t for microbes, life on this earth would not exist.-2 other elements that are important to chemolithotrophs: Ferrous (Fe+2) Fe+3 Sulfates Anaerobic Metabolism Have to talk about electron acceptors –oxygen cant be receptor. Electron Acceptors/ Reduced product Nitrate Nitrite Sulfate Hygrogen sulfide CO2 Methane Sulfer hydrogen sulfide Ferric Iron Ferrous Iron--------analogues- two compounds primarily same function, different chemical function, but one part of the molecule has to have the same #26 on exam: ETC #32 on exam: 2-3-butanediol #which pathway involves? ____________________________Exam 2 Stops Here_____________________...
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10-5EndTest2Notes - both steps-Denitrification-NO-2...

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