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Ch3Objectives - E mb ryology Chapter 3 Objectives(for test...

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Embryology Chapter 3 Objectives (for test 1) Define morphogenesis. Explain how morphogenesis differs from differentiation. Describe the major problems of morphogenesis (pages 69-70) Morphogenesis (The formation of animal bodies) The organization of the cells of the body into functional structure via coordinated cell growth, cell migration, and cell death. Cell differentiation vs. Morphogenesis CELL DIFFERENTIATION Involves the functional and structural specialization of cells within a multicellular organism as that organism develops. Specifically, differentiation occurs via differential gene activity in cells such that the proteins produced by one cell differ from those produced by another cell. MORPHOGENESIS Gives a developing organism a specific shape This is more than just the external shape of the organism, but also includes the organization of cells into tissues, tissues into organs, etc. **Morphogenesis proceeds cell differentiation This order means that the cells tend to find their position in developing organisms before they specialize. Major problems of morphogenesis How tissues form from cells
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How organs are constituted from tissues How migrating cells know their path and destination How organs form in particular positions The controls on the growth of cells and organs How organs achieve polarity Explain the basis for differential cell affinity. Many of the answers to the 5 questions about morphogenesis involve properties of the cell surface. The cell surface looks pretty much the same in all cell types, and many early investigators thought that the cell surface was not even a living part of the cell. We know that each cell has a different set of proteins in its
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Ch3Objectives - E mb ryology Chapter 3 Objectives(for test...

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