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Unformatted text preview: Edna Pontellier- Protagonist of the Edna novel; 28 years old. She's unsatisfied novel; with her marriage and the limited with lifestyle that it allows. She discovers lifestyle her very own identity and acts on her her sexual and emotional desires. She sexual becomes independent and moves becomes away from her husband. She leaves away her children in the care of their her grandmother. She's selfish. She grandmother. commits suicide either as an act of commits cowardice to a life that has become cowardice to difficult or as her final act of to rebellion in refusal to put her life back rebellion in the hands of controlling powers. in Madmoiselle Reisz- the most influential character in Edna's influential awakening. Unmarried and childless awakening. and she devotes her life to her piano and playing she represents independence playing and freedom. she tells edna to be and brave if she wishes to be an artist and brave that a artist must have a brave and that courageous soul. she is the only one courageous that knows about edna and roberts that relationship. relationship. Adele Ratignolle- ednas close friend. she represents the victorian feminine she ideal. she idolizes her children and ideal. worships her husband centering her worships life around caring for them. she helps life edna transform her independence. edna Robert Lebrun- 26 single man who edna falls in love with. dramatic and edna passionate. he has a history of being passionate. with different women each summer at with Grand Isle. Robert offers his affections Grand comically and in an over-exaggerated comically manner, and thus never taken too manner, seriously. as the friendship becomes seriously. more intimate he realizes that he has more really fallen in love with edna. he is really town between his love for her and town societys view that women are the societys possessions of their husbands.he possessions remains in mexico for the majority of remains her awakening because he cannot her bear to be near her knowing they can bear not be together. they never at on it not physically they just flirt. he physically unrealistically wants to approach unrealistically leonce to free edna from him. he leonce cannot escape the rules of society. he cannot leaves her a note saying that the leaves world around her can not change. he world rejects her. rejects Alcee Arobin- the seductive charming and forthright is the Don Juan of the and New Orleans Creole community. He New enjoys aking conquests out of married enjoys women and becomes ednas lover women while her husband is on a business while trip to New York. Arobin just satisfies trip her physical urges while robert is in her mexico. she never allows him to own mexico. or control her. or Doctor Mandelet- family physician. he silently recognizes ednas silently dissatisfaction with the restrictions dissatisfaction placed by her social conventions. he placed keeps quiet with leonce comes to him keeps for advice. he offers edna help and for understanding and is worried about understanding her defiance and independence. her The colonel- Civil war civil officer and ednas father. he is a strict protestant ednas and believe husbands should manage and their wives with authority an d their coercion. while ednas relationship coercion. with her father is not affectionate, she with is surprised by how well she gets is along with her father when they are along together. together. Victor Lebrun- Roberts younger brother. he spends time chasing brother. women and refises to settle down into women a profession. profession. Madame Lebrun- a widowed mother of victor and robert. she owns and victor manages cottages at Grand Isle where manages the novels characters spend most of the the summer. the Lady In Black- vacationer at the lebrun cottages. her husband has died, her cottages. solitude does not speak to any sort of solitude independence or strength. Rather, it independence owes to a self-effecting withdrawl owes from life and passion out of an utter from respect for her husbands death. she respect remains silent the whole novel as a remains symbol of the socially acceptable symbol husbandless woman. husbandless the 2 lovers- vacationers. they represent the form of young love represent accepted by society. always appearing accepted in conjunction with the lady in black, in the lovers represent the stage of a the womans life that pecedes her material womans duties. duties. The farival Twins- 14 year old girls who vacation with their family and who who entertain guest by playing the who piano. they represent the destiny of piano. young victorian girls. they embody young social expectations of the way women social should use art- as a way of making should themselves more delightful to others, themselves rather than a means of selfrather expression. Mrs. Highcamp- tall women in her 40s she spends time with fashionable she single men of New Orleans under the single pretext of finding a husband for her pretext daughter. alcee arobin is one of these daughter. young men. they both ask edna to go young to dinner and the races with them. to Janet and Margaret Pontellier- Ednas Janet younger sister she was never close to. younger and she refuses to attend her and wedding. margaret is the oldest sister. wedding. after their mother died she took over after the role of being their mother. the Mariequita- pretty spanish girl who is a mischievous flirt who lives on grand mischievous isle. she seems to like robert and isle. victor and along with adele is the victor picture of the self-demeaning picture coquetry that edna avoids. coquetry Madame Antoine- when edna feels faint one sunday morning service she faint and robert go to her house for the and day. she is a friendly woman and day. takes in and cares for edna and tells takes her stories of her life. her Mr, Mrs. Merriman & Miss mayblunt and mr. Gouvernall- some guests at and the dinner party that edna had to the celebrate te move to the pigeon celebrate house. house. etienne and raoul pontellier- leonce and ednas two sons they are four and and five years old five ...
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