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Name 11-19-08 English 325``` Influence and Transition Alice Walker’s novel The Color Purple is a glance at the trials and tribulations faced by black women in the early twentieth century. More specifically, the books theme focuses on the transition of the central character, Celie into an independent and strong African-American woman. The women in her life play a significantly influential role in the development of her character. They provide strength and encouragement through love and companionship. Nettie and Celie are sisters that encounter unfortunate circumstances in their lives. Nettie is the only family that Celie has left and she loves her more than anything else in the world. Nettie being the stronger, prettier, more educated sister, Celie looked up to her. Nettie and Celie are forced apart after Nettie is kicked out of her sisters home by her abusive husband known as “Mr. _____”. Nettie moves to Africa with two missionaries that she met in town. She writes many letters to Celie over the years, but they are intercepted by Celie’s husband. Celie never recieved any letters from Nettie so she assumes that she is dead. I don’t say nothing. I think bout Nettie, dead. She fight, she run away. What good it do? I don’t fight, I stay where I’m told. But I’m alive.” (22) Towards the end of the story Celie finds the letters that her husband hid from her which gave her hope and encouragement. Even though Nettie figured that her letters were being
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kept from her sister, she continued to write throughout the years. This shows the love and
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The Color Purple Essay - Name English 325` 11-19-08...

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