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Audience Unit Discussion Board Topics Think About This— You will need to post to our class discussion board this week your responses to at least one question in Part A. and to at least one question in Part B. below. Part A. 1. Why do 20 oz. plastic Sprite bottles contain the message “NO REFILLS”? Image of the sprite bottle Image of the sprite label with “NO REFILLS” above bar code
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2. Why would a German cookie sold at finer groceries have no German writing on it besides the cookie’s name but instead have information on it written in both French and English? Image of the cookie box (front side) Image of the cookie box label (back side) 3. Why would my dog’s pill bottles (which clearly have the word “DOG” in parenthesis by her name) include warning labels about not drinking, driving, or operating heavy machinery while taking the pill?
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audience_unit_discussion_board_topics - Audience Unit...

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