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CorExSarahLincoln - populous group of attendees You...

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Standard University  English Department      9515 Hackberry Dr.9515 Hackberry Dr.9515 Hackberry Dr.  ShreveportShreveportShreveport, LaLaLa 711157111571115  Phone: 318-555-5555  E-Mail: [email protected]@[email protected] Web: www.StandardUniversity.com Date: 2-11-2008 Dear Mr. Blair, I want to inform you on a change that has been made regarding the Screen-writers Conference. Beginning this  year each of the speakers at the conference will be limited to three consecutive presentations. The committee’s decision  has been entered in the conference guidelines. Welcoming new speakers every three years will create a more diverse and 
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Unformatted text preview: populous group of attendees. You especially are aware of our desire to improve the experience for the attending graduate students. I knew you would be glad to hear about the up and coming news and changes that will allow more students to attend the event. Your continued dedication and support University, Screen Writers’ Conference, and arrangement committee are greatly appreciated. Let me know if you have any further questions. I look forward to seeing you soon! Sincerely, Sarah D. Lincoln Arrangement Committee Chair...
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