MEMORANDUM - MEMORANDUM To: Dr. Deshae Lott, English 325...

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MEMORANDUM To: Dr. Deshae Lott, English 325 Instructor From: Sarah D. Lincoln, Planet Beach Contempo Spa Consultant SDL Subject: Proposal for Developing a Business-to-Business Advertising Agreement with Fitness Centers near our Planet Beach Location [I would take out “near our planet beach location” just to make the title a little smaller] Date: March 10, 2009 Project Summary I am requesting approval to seek out a fitness center near our Planet Beach Contempo Spa location and create a business plan with them that will promote business and increase sales. [I would end the sentence here]. for both places of business. By offering the fitness center a plan of action that in tales [take out in tails and add entails] Planet Beach Spa Consultants to put the fitness center ’s free week membership pass into each of the new spa member’s gift bag. In turn, the fitness center will give their members a free week of spa guest pass es when they join the fitness center. This promotes and advertises both businesses and will bring more customers in the door inquiring about the fitness center and Planet Beach’s spa services. Project Description Introduction Planet Beach Contempo Spa is a franchise with over 395 locations. Planet Beach [use “they” instead of renaming planet beach] has been around since 1995 and has been growing internationally ever since. The Contempo Spa delivers premier wellness, relaxation, UV therapy and skin rejuvenation services. At a push of a button, our members will enjoy a private spa experience at a fraction of the cost and far less time than [they would spend at] a day spa. In order to achieve our spa goals this year for our new location in Bossier City, La and to make residents in the city aware of our services that will take them away from their busy day and relax, I will need to market this new location in ways that will benefit the
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This note was uploaded on 11/11/2010 for the course ENG eng 325 taught by Professor Lott during the Spring '09 term at Louisiana State University in Shreveport.

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MEMORANDUM - MEMORANDUM To: Dr. Deshae Lott, English 325...

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