Soc 5 steps - Sarah Lincoln Sociology 105 5 Stages of Death...

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Sarah Lincoln Sociology 105 10-11-09 5 Stages of Death, Loss, and Grief: Applied to My Situation of Not Getting Accepted into PTA School In the Spring of 2007, I applied to Bossier Parish Community College’s Physical Therapy Assistant Program after working hard for a year and a half to achieve good grades in all of the pre-requisites required, and acquiring 40 observation hours under two licensed Physical Therapists. After submitting all of the paperwork and going through the all day interview process, I received the long awaited letter telling me whether or not I was accepted into the clinical program. I opened the letter and it stated that I was an alternate candidate. The alternates are students that were not in the top 20 selected that are guaranteed to get in. They are back ups that will be allowed into the program if someone out of the selected twenty students do not accepts their position or do not pass the written entrance exam. After waiting a week I called the board of PTA directors to find out whether or not everyone passed or accepted their position. I was told by the director that I was the first alternate and even though I scored above average in the interview process, the one “C” I had on my transcript was the reason I did not make it in the top twenty. She later informed me that everyone had accepted their position and
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This note was uploaded on 11/11/2010 for the course SOCIOLOGY soc 201 taught by Professor Franklin during the Spring '10 term at Louisiana State University in Shreveport.

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Soc 5 steps - Sarah Lincoln Sociology 105 5 Stages of Death...

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