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American History X - student is being beat up by two black...

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Sociology 105 November 9, 2009 American History X This is a story about how racism can spawn from fear. The main character in this film, Danny, is an impressionable teenager whose brother heads a quickly growing white supremacist cult in Venice beach. After viciously killing two black men attempting to steal his vehicle, Danny’s older brother Derek is incarcerated. While in prison Derek realizes the error of his ways, and upon his release plans to separate himself and his family from the supremacist movement. Had the attempted thieves been white they most likely wouldn’t have met such a gruesome demise at the hands of Derek. When a fellow
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Unformatted text preview: student is being beat up by two black kids Danny takes up for him and tells him to defend himself. Danny doesn’t see the kids as so much as bullies picking on a weaker kid, but as black kids picking on a white kid. After losing his father Derek confides in a white supremacist that transforms him into a racist. Derek found himself in a fragile emotional state and as his mother I would have tried to be a bigger part of his life providing for him positive guidance and counseling....
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