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10.27 - the profits are sinking Our company owns 200...

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Zheng, Shuyu Team 3 MGT 286 – 1 Case 7.22 DATE: November 2, 2010 TO: Ashley Aenett, Bank Teller FROM: Shuyu Zheng, Director of Human Resource SUBJECT: Reimburse the Tuition and Book Expenses Many of our employees taking college courses have taken a lot of benefits to our company. Therefore, we will keep on encouraging employees to take time for further education and put suitable reduction on their work. Recently our First Federal bank is suffering a hard time that we are facing stiff competition and
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Unformatted text preview: the profits are sinking. Our company owns 200 employees currently. The total amount of the tuition and book expenses for employees taking college courses may be a huge bill that we couldn’t afford it, especially when we are having a sinking profit now. We will continue our policy that we use now. However, we still encourage our employee to learn more in their study of college course....
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