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Zheng, Shuyu Team 3 MGT 286 – 1 Case 15.10 1152 E. Elm Springfield MO 65806 November 1, 2010 Mr. Courtney L. Donahue Director, Human Resources Del Rio Enterprises 4829 Mountain View Avenue Denver, Co 82511 Dear Mr. Donahue: I am writing to express my interest in your current opening for a sales manager. Since my education and training experience closely parallel your needs, your advertisement for a sales manager on today’s Denver Post Section B immediately attracts my attention. I am confident that I can make a valuable contribution to your organization’s future projects and initiatives. My experience of sales assistant and front-desk clerk helps to improve my communication and record keeping skills. Besides, I’m a rapid learner with a great deal of excitement and enthusiasm in all my endeavors. I am also very detail-oriented and can find effective solutions to get the job
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Unformatted text preview: done. Intensive course work in management and marketing, as well as finance, and accounting, has given me the kind of skills to be a good sales manager. Furthermore, as an international student, I’m proficient in analyzing customers’ needs of different countries which is especially essential as a sales manager for a multinational company. As there is considerably more to relate, I would welcome an opportunity for a personal interview to discuss your organization’s needs and the results you can expect from me in addressing those needs. Please call me at (417)860-8358 to arrange an interview at your convenience. Thank you in advance for your time and review of my qualifications. Sincerely, Zheng, Shuyu Enclosure...
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