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ethical - inaccurate claims on package front should also be...

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Zheng, Shuyu MGT 286 Section 1 Reference Citation Brat, I., & Favole, J. (2010, March 4). Food Makers Warned on Claims. Wall Street Journal , p.D2. Summary The U.S. Food and Drug Administration warned 16 food makers on the authenticity of their product claims on package front. Many companies that are caught fail to meet their claims will amend them with the supervision of the FDA. Reaction The article is well-organized that it first briefly states the theme and then the fact of companies’ untrue claims. It also mentioned the viewpoints of both sides, the food companies and FDA officer. The examples are also full-scale that cover both food and drugs. However, the authors didn’t make their own comments. Furthermore, the reactions or viewpoints of the consumer, and the result or social influence of the
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Unformatted text preview: inaccurate claims on package front should also be included. Application To begin with, it doesn’t abide by the laws. Untrue claims violate the federal labeling rules. However, the law isn’t the bottom line of ethic. Telling truth on claims is an action that shows companies are responsible for customers’ health, especially when their products are drugs. Companies’ desire is to sell their product, so being objective on the claims and avoid distorting messages are the hardest tasks for them. Last but not least, communicate clearly that using short sentences and simple words is especially important for the food and drug companies to let the customers learn more accurately of their products....
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