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Your name: __________________________________________________ Version A TEST 1: Foundation PSY308 Biopsychology Spring 2010 Prof. H.J. Lee Multiple-choice questions (2 points each) 1. An experiment where you stimulate a brain region and then observe movement towards an object would support which of the following views? a. Dualism b. Monism c. Fundamentalism d. Naturalism 2. Which imaging technique would you use if you want to see whether you have a brain tumor or not? a. MRI b. fMRI c. PET d. EEG 3. Which of the following is a CORRECT statement about your nervous system? a. Spinal cord is part of the peripheral nervous system b. Cranial nerves all have a set of afferent and efferent nerves c. Parasympathetic system is part of somatic nervous system d. Autonomic nervous system carries information about the body’s internal environment 4. ________________ is located just caudal to central sulcus. a. Parietal cortex b. Temporal cortex c. Occipital cortex d. Motor cortex 5. Which plane shows brain structures as they would be seen from the side? a. coronal b. sagittal c. horizontal d. cross 6. After damage to the dorsal roots of the spinal cord, an individual will suffer what kind of loss? a. sensation from the affected body area b. control of the peripheral muscles in the affected body area c. control of organs in the affected body area d. control of the muscles on the opposite side of the body
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Your name: __________________________________________________ Version A 7. Which part of the nervous system prepares the body for "fight or flight" activities? a. sympathetic b. somatic c. parasympathetic d. peripheral 8. Reflexive changes in heart rate and breathing are regulated by which of the following? a.
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Biopsych - Your name: _ TEST 1: Foundation PSY308...

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