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Ch. 30 study guide - What is pollen A structure that...

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STUDY GUIDE Campbell 7th and 8th editions BIO 311D CHINNERY CHAPTER 30 Important figures 7th edition: 30.2, 30.6, 30.7, 30.9, 30.10, 30.12, 30.13 Important figures 8 th edition: 30.2, 30.3, 30.6, 30.7, 30.10, 30.13 Important terms: seed, pollen, pollination, gymnosperm, conifer, ovule, fruit, endosperm. Knowledge goals: What are the three main advantages of seed plants that contributed to their success as land plants? Reduced gametophytes Heterospory- heterosexual gametophytes Ovules and pollen grain What is the evolutionary advantage of reproducing using a seed? Extra protection to the embryo and supply of stored food, allowing the seed to germinate under favorable conditions. What good is reduction of the gametophyte? More protection of the gametophytes from environmental stresses and nutrients from the sporophyte. Why has the gametophyte generation not been completely eliminated from the plant life cycle? Because it provides genetic variation and therefore weeds out mutations.
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Unformatted text preview: What is pollen? A structure that consist of a male gametophyte and carries sperm to the ovule. What is the evolutionary advantage of reproducing using pollen? Male gametophytes can be carried long distances by wind or animals and water is not required for sperm to swim to the egg. Be able to draw, diagram, and understand the gymnosperm and angiosperm life cycles (what we covered in class). What is a fruit? Mature ovary Be able to say if something edible is a fruit or not. What is the endosperm and why is it unique? Endosperm is a tissue that nourishes the embryo and is formed by the fusion of a sperm and two nuclei. Why did flowers and fruits evolve; that is, what is their purpose and how it is helpful to the plants? Attract animals and insects and therefore have their seeds dispersed at greater distances ....
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