Chem 301 - CH301 Sutcliffe Introductory Lecture: A crash...

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CH301 Sutcliffe Introductory Lecture: A crash course in the atom, and naming things Atoms: Basic building blocks of chemistry. About 114 different kinds (elements) {Hint: You should learn the names and symbols of the first 30 elements as well as gold, silver- and learn others later. .} Atoms consist of: proton mass~1atomic mass unit relative change +1 neutron mass~1 atomic mass unit no charge electron mass~1/2000 of an amu relative charge -1 What does an atom look like? Thompson suggests plum-pudding model Rutherford's scattering experiment suggests extremely small, dense, positive center. Atoms is ~10 -9 m in diameter, but the nucleus is ~10 -14 m in diameter! So what are the electrons up to? We can find out using light. . the process is called SPECTROSCOPY. First, we'll need to discuss the properties of light! (See CH12 next week) Structure of the Atom ATOMIC MASS: Number of protons + Number of neutrons ATOMIC NUMBER: Number of protons Different ISOTOPES of the same element have different numbers of NEUTRONS in their nuclei. ALL atoms of the SAME element have the SAME number of PROTONS. Some symbols: 12 C, 13 C, 14 C carbon-12, carbon-13, carbon-14 C-12, C-13, C-14 How many of each particle do they have? Atomic Weight and Isotopic Abundance Different elements have different amounts of different isotopes, and even different numbers of isotopes!! The ATOMIC MASS, A for any element on the Periodic Table is a WEIGHTED average:
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Chem 301 - CH301 Sutcliffe Introductory Lecture: A crash...

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