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C13 Genomes and Genomics (DRAFT) P 454 and P479. Concept: Reverse genetics P 460 Concept: sequence contigs (Read the necessary background so that you know what these  are and how they are used in the sequencing of a genome.) P461 Scaffolds and supercontigs Figure 13-6 (Understand this figure.) Look at it. P466 What is a BLAST search and how is it done? Read P468 Definition of concept: pseudogenes - No longer produces RNA because it has lost its  promoter. P475 Definitions of: Transcriptome- the sequence and the expression pattern of all trancripts
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Unformatted text preview: Proteome-Interactome- the complete set of physical interactions between protein and DNA segments, between proteins and RNA segments, and between proteins and proteins. PP475-476 Microarrays (This material is very important. (Multipoint question.) What are they physically and how are they used?) P 478 Studying the interactome using a ChIP assay. (Know how these are done.) P 481 Reverse genetics by phenocopying (Do the intro. paragraph.)...
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