Lecture14Personality - Personality Individuals...

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1 Emotion, Motivation, Personality Feb. 25, 2010 General Psychology Personality • Individual’s characteristic style of behaving, thinking, and feeling – Consistent over time and across situations – Differences between individuals Psychoanalytic Approach • _________________ • Personality from unconscious conflicts • Based on experience with patients – Symptoms with no physical causes Psychoanalytic Assumptions • Psychic Determinism • Symbolic Meaning • Unconscious Motivation
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2 • Immediate gratification (sex and aggression) • Pleasure principle • Tries to please both id and superego • Reality principle • The conscience • Internalized rules from parents and society Structure of Personality Freud’s Structure of Personality ______________ •Current awareness __________________ •Just under awareness •Can be brought to mind •Well below awareness •Difficult to know •Very influential Superego Consciousness Ego Id Id • Conflict between pleasure, conscience, and reality – Conflict produces anxiety • Ego must balance these demands – Defense mechanisms = Ego’s coping methods – Occur unconsciously Defense Mechanisms
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Lecture14Personality - Personality Individuals...

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