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PSC 1(1) Test 1 Sample Questions Winter 2010 1. Today, Psychology is defined as ________. 2. Why was Oskar Pfungst successful in figuring out the real reason Clever Hans was able to answer so many questions? 3. One reason that we are susceptible to the representativeness heuristic is that we _______. 4. In an experiment, a researcher wants to avoid the presence of ________. 5. How does conducting a double-blind study attempt to remedy the experimenter expectancy
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Unformatted text preview: effect (aka observer bias)? 6. A key disadvantage to self-report measures is that ________. 7. A functional MRI (fMRI) measures __________. 8. The corpus callosum ________. 9. The effect of a drug that is an agonist is to ________. 10. Hypnosis theorists all agree that people who respond easily to hypnotists and hypnotherapists are ________....
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