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Anthro 23: Final Exam study guide. From lecture and/or textbook: How do archaeologists determine if a society had ascribed vs. inherited status positions? What are the major theories on origins of agriculture? Where are the primary centers of domestication? When did eastern North Americans adopt maize? What did they grow before then? What is the sequence of developments in Africa regarding the origins of agriculture? What things tend to co-occur with the agricultural lifestyle (i.e., health, warfare, etc)? Why do agricultural societies increase in population? How do women fare in such societies? What crops fed ancient Egyptian and Indus civilizations? Were they indigenous to these areas? What things have to happen for simple societies to become more complex? What are the major theories on the origins of civilizations? What is a civilization? What are the defining characteristics? How did civilizations evolve in Mesopotamia vs. Egypt vs. China vs. India? How are New World civilizations different from Old World ones?
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