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TEST 1 REVIEW - 1 What are the techniques and sources of...

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1. What are the techniques and sources of watershed planning? How are they applied? 2. What are the objectives of the watershed planning process? 3. What are the contents of a typical watershed? 4. What types of physical and socioeconomic information are required for input for a watershed plan? 5. What are some of the types of water resources problems? 6. How did watershed planning develop historically? 7. Draw and label the hydrologic cycle? 8. What are the various components of the hydrologic cycle and defin/list their importance? 9. What are the various physical and chemical functional relationships involved in the hydrologic cycle? 10. What is the energy balance concept? 11. What is the active surface concept? NOT IN NOTES BUT HE SAID HE WOULD ASK ABOUT IT: Doctrine of prior appropriations --while no one may own the water in a stream, all persons, corporations, and municipalities have the right to use the water for beneficial
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