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The Apple Caddisfly Paper - The Apple...

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The Apple Caddisfly ( Brachycentrus appalachia ) Caddisflies are found on all continents except Antarctica, they are in the order Trichoptera and there are more than 11,000 species worldwide. Caddisflies are closely related to moths, in the order Lepidoptera, both have two pairs of membranous wings. Caddisflies are divided into three behavioral groups based on how they spin their silk in the larvae stage, retreat- making, case-making, and free-living Caddisflies. Caddisfly diets vary during their developmental stages, adults only eat plant fluids like sap or nectar, and depending on the species the larvae have many different ways of acquiring food. The Apple Caddisfly is a case- making aquatic insect that is one of thirty-three species of Caddisfly found in the United States. The Apple Caddisfly’s scientific name is Brachycentrus appalachia and it also has other common names such as the popcorn Caddisfly or the Grannom. The Apple Caddisfly is native to the North Eastern United States namely in the Catskills Mountain Range, this is the only small area in the country they are found (Figure 1). Figure 1 (Neuswanger). Brachycentrus appalachia is a filter feeder species that lives in the water column in lotic streams and rivers, filtering and feeding on algae and plankton particles. Insects in the
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order Trichoptera are species that does not tolerate polluted waters very well, so Caddisfly species rich water bodies are generally thought to indicate clean water. The Caddisfly body is arranged like that of a typical insect with three major sections a head, thorax, and abdomen. The Caddisfly abdomen is divided into eight sections with gills on each section. The Apple Caddisfly
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The Apple Caddisfly Paper - The Apple...

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