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11/4/09 Poisonous principles: (different plants, different principles) 1. Tannic acid (organic acid) 2. Photosynthesizes 3. Nitrates 4. Glycoside Wetland species: S. Colorado (short grass plains) but river makes oasis and wetland plants grow; cat tail ( Latifolia typhacease PNW) grows around lakes and rivers Barnyard grass has a lot of different growth forms because it is an annual grass
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Unformatted text preview: • Duck potato grows straight out of water w/ leaves parallel to the water • Tickseed has a red dot at the base of its ray flowers • Blueweed sunflower has beat up flowers • Horsetail just a green stem • Playa lake: snow-on-the-mountain; smartweed; pink smartweed • Tissue facilitates oxygen through wetland plants makes them look swollen...
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