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10/23/09 Effects of livestock on vegetation change in the SW: 1. As seed disseminators—one cow chip can contain up to 1,671 honey mesquite seeds 2. The digestive track can scarify seed coats; improving germination but it depends on: a) who is eating the seed (birds, livestock, etc) b) what species of plant 3. Seedling emergence from dunged sites can be higher than from bare ground 4. Seedling survival can be higher from dunged sites than from bare sits Regarding competition between shrubs and grasses: 1. In general what species are we dealing with?
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Unformatted text preview: 2. For honey mesquite: up to Ilex as many honey mesquite seedlings established in bare areas than in dense areas of perennial, warm season grasses; competition from perennial warm season grasses can reduce honey mesquite density by up to 94%; understand competition aspects 3. Honey mesquite emergence can be 7 to 8 times greater in defoliated plots than in non-defoliated plants 4. Avg. honey mesquite survival after 9 months can be almost 8x higher in bare sites than in vegitatied sites....
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