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oct28 - 1,000 AD then medieval warming period and they all...

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10/28/09 It doesn’t take a large temperature change to start an ice age and they come and go about 100,000 yr cycle When did the last ice age end? 20,000 yra Warming, Holocene period is what we are in now; started about 10,000 yra Holocene maximum 4-8,000 yra hot & dry period 4 corners area was the most populated area of the contentment around
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Unformatted text preview: 1,000 AD then medieval warming period and they all left the area • Then little ice age 1,400-1,800 ad * Hastings & Turner took pic @ end of little ice age • 1940-1970 30 yr decline in temp • 1970-present increase in temp may be leveling off now...
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