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sep28 - plants • Creosote bush—hallmark species nurse...

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9/28 Kentucky bluegrass—tall seed heads when not mowed 3-5 branches; pyramid shaped panicle; open seed head; leaves short compact to high plant; leaf blade goes fro flat to bent V @ top; 4-5 florets per spikelet cotton/spider-web looking stuff when you pull floret *drought sensitive* o Dormancy-environmental trigger (probably seasonal cold/warm) or Quiescent hormonal trigger?? Evaporation is a cooling process, sprinklers water—water evaporates—so KBG stays cool in the summer—when it starts to shut down is it because it is too hot or too dry? Chihuahua desert Black grama and yucca are hallmark species In 1893 (past) all of the Southwest was black grama and yuccas When black grama is growing there isn’t much bare ground; closely spaced
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Unformatted text preview: plants • Creosote bush—hallmark species; nurse plant syndrome black grama under creosote bush • Hairy grama-really narrow leaves; seed head looks like a bouteloua • Bolson—interior drain basin between mountain ranges • Arroyo—dry creek bed • Tobosagrass—heavy clay soils along arroyos where soils settle • Alkali [email protected] base bleach white stems @ top green; grows in clay soils (not as heavy as where tobosagrass grows) big large heavy bases o Large amounts of water wash away A horizon so Alakli sacaton grows on B horizon only type of plant cover on ground o Bunch grass stems in center die; makes a ring; plant wanders around landscape because dead centers & sheet flow...
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