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sep30 - grass in wet warm winters lovegrass will act like a...

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9/30 Tobosagrass, alkali sacaton & burrow grass growing together in arroyos Burrowgrass: really short grass no matter where it its; accumulates a lot of silicon not very palatable Under mesquite stands ideal growing environment because nitrogen fixation and stem flow in the soil (islands of fertility) E. New Mexico around Roswell—Lehmann lovegrass introduced from S. Africa Midland West to California very popular Guadeloupe Mountains—Creosote bush and four-wing saltbush; both evergreens & Lehmann lovegrass; season of growth = tribe Eragrosteae are warm season
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Unformatted text preview: grass; in wet warm winters lovegrass will act like a wintergreen • Desert baileya • Mariola (shrub) grows in very rocky sites (desert pavement) • Sonoran, Chihuahuan & Mojave “warm” deserts warm in summer & mild in winter o Shrub that is dominant in all 3: creosote bush, Rocky soils but as you go down soils get finer and isn’t as popular likes high lands and rocky areas o Fluffgrass grows w/ creosote bush; ecological associates = grow in desert pavements o Bush muily=grows in canopy of bush...
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