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sept2 - South Western Missouri West East Short Mid Tall...

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Sept. 2 nd : Southern High Plains: West East : Short Tall grasses North Eastern New Mexico: short grass plains--blue gramma & buffalo grass Central Oklahoma: mid-grass prairie—side oats gramma & little blue stem *double the rainfall of N.E. NM West East: rainfall increases, more productive soil, good potential for biomass Eastern forest & prairie melt together; line fluctuates due to fires and rain fall
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Unformatted text preview: South Western Missouri: West East Short Mid Tall Plant structure changes with direction (internodes stretch) Most of the biomass in grasslands is below ground, roots are more extensive then tops When blue gramma is the predominate grass in an area there isn’t much bare space it spreads out Question: What does cracking/swelling of ground do to plants roots??...
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