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sept18 - *Central Great Plains-Hall’s Panicum identify by...

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Sept. 18 th : -ashe juniper: profusely branched at the base, then will grow up tall, like a tree; non-sprouter fire will kill it -post & blackjack oak grow in short grass prairie areas because of the soils, there is a clay layer a few feet down and water perches above the clay -yucca (evergreen) 2 species: glauca & elata (grows up on stalk) yucca flowers have a lot of nectar and livestock love to eat them; good plant for livestock because its evergreen
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Unformatted text preview: **Central Great Plains**-Hall’s Panicum: identify by “wood shavings” at the bottom (bottom leaves look like widdle shavings)-Western weedgrass: blueish-green tall straight leaves distinct veins on leaves-needleandthread: grows in E. Colorado; long awn; important for animals because its green in the winter...
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