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Lab 1 & 2 - Labs 1 2 Plants of Southern Great...

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big bluestem Andropogon gerardii (var . gerardii ) PNW Poaceae/ Andropogoneae a. inflorescence with 3 (to 6) branches on a long terminal peduncle; can also be on lateral branches b. sessile spikelet 7-10 mm long with awn 1-2 cm long; pedicellate spikelet not reduced or only slightly so, without an awn c. lower sheaths usually villous, culm rounded d. blades flat with scabrous margins e. Sand bluestem ( Andropogon gerardii var. paucipilus ) typically has an inflorescence with 2 branches, with racemes conspicuously villous, and sessile spikelet with awn short (5 mm) or absent, and occurs in coarse-textured soils. little bluestem Schizachyrium scoparium PNW Poaceae/Andropogoneae a. mid grass; upland dominant in true prairie b. lower leaf sheaths strongly flattened ; a bunch grass c. culms bluish when young, maturing to reddish color d. pedicelled spikelet one half size of lower one; awn golden to brown e. panicle branches solitary, both lateral and terminal Indian grass Sorghastrum nutans PNW Poaceae/Andropogoneae a. inflorescence a terminal panicle, long exerted with few to many raceme branches b. ligule membraneous (“Indian feathers”); auricles prominent c. inflorescence is usually a golden yellow purple threeawn Aristida purpurea PNW Poaceae/Aristideae a. three awns/floret b. awns longer than 4 cm c. glumes are not equal in length sideoats grama Bouteloua curtipendula PNW Poaceae/ Cynodonteae a. State Grass of Texas; most widely distributed Bouteloua in North America b. spikelets attached to short (curti) pendulum from rachis c. unique vegetative characteristic is glandular hairs on leaf margin at base of blade d. has rhizomes; grows from Canada to Central Mexico blue grama Bouteloua gracilis PNW Poaceae/ Cynodonteae a. short grass; leaves from 4-10 inches long b. tuft of hair at junction of blade and sheath
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Lab 1 & 2 - Labs 1 2 Plants of Southern Great...

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