Lab 10 - Oakbrush and Pinyon/Juniper alpine timothy a. b....

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Oakbrush and Pinyon/Juniper alpine timothy Phleum alpinum PNC Poaceae/Aveneae a. glumes with awns 2 mm long, V - shaped notch where glumes meet b. spikelike panicle densely contracted, usually not twice as long as wide c. awns turn purple at maturity d. decumbent, somewhat creeping, bulbuous base ; inflated sheaths e. glumes longer than florets and ciliated along keel spike trisetum Trisetum spicatum PNC Poaceae/Aveneae a. lemmas two - toothed at tip with divergent awns from base, 4-6 mm long b. contracted (dense) panicle, spike-like inflorescence, purplish, more open than Phleum c. glumes somewhat unequal in length d. leaves and sheaths are often pubescent e. grass of mountains; common at 7,000' to 8,000' pine dropseed Blepharoneuron tricholepis PNW Poaceae/Eragrosteae a. lemmas long white hairs on nerves b. spikelets football shaped, green- or blue-gray, single floret c. panicle branches filliform, flexuous d. leaves tufted, crowded at nodes (sand dropseed longer blades and hairy at collars) oniongrass Melica bulbosa PNC Poaceae/Meliceae a. 2-9 florets / spikelet with purplish tinge b. panicle narrow c. glumes large, membranous(papery) , obtuse d. culms often with bulbs at base, sheaths fused like Bromus , but no awns mountain brome Bromus carinatus PNC Poaceae/Bromeae a. spikelets strongly flattened , 5-11 flowered b. lemma with straight awn; often lemmas and glumes are pubescent
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Lab 10 - Oakbrush and Pinyon/Juniper alpine timothy a. b....

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