Lab-Forests - FORESTS Western Coniferous Forests Oregon...

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FORESTS Western Coniferous Forests Oregon grape Berberis aquifolium PNE Berberidaceae a. Shrub 1-10 ft tall, found on open slopes and forests b. Alternate pinnately compound leaves with 5-9 holly-like leaflets c. Leaflets 4-12 inches long; dark green to glossy d. Berries dark blue, eaten by birds in critical times; whole plant utilized by deer Arizona cypress Cupressus arizonica PNE Cupressaceae a. Growth to 40 feet tall, a southwestern, xeric species b. Scale-like alternate leaves 2-3 mm long with pointed tips, silvery green c. Branchlets 4-angled, stems reddish d. Cones globose, 1 inch across, with 6-8 shield plates, each with a stout point White fir Abies concolor PNE Pinaceae a. To 100 feet tall b. Needles 2-3 inches, blue-green, flat and rounded at apex c. Needles curved upward with keeled midrib d. Branchlets pale yellow or gray e. Oblong cone, 3-5 inches, scales broader than long, with angular shoulders and pointed bases Blue spruce Picea pungens PNE Pinaceae a. Pyramidal tree to 100 feet on moist slopes of the foothills b. Needles 0.75-1.25 inches long, blue-green, four angled, sharp c. Branchlets gray-brown to orange-brown, scaly bark d. Oblong cone, 2-4 inches long, scales thin, tan with eroded margins Bristlecone pine Pinus aristata PNE Pinaceae a. 10-40 feet tall, sometimes shrubby, subalpine species b. Needles in fascicles of 5, 1-1.5 inch long, dark green with white resin, strongly curved c. Stems and needles have a foxtail or brush-like appearance
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Lab-Forests - FORESTS Western Coniferous Forests Oregon...

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