ATMO Notes Ch. 8

ATMO Notes Ch. 8 - El Nino What is El Nino It’s an event...

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Atmospheric Circulation and Pressure Distributions Chapter 8 Overview In this lesson we’ll investigate global (or planetary) scale wind and pressure patterns as well as local or regional scale wind and pressure patterns. I. Global (planetary) scale One of the weather features on the global or planetary scale is found near 30 deg latitude. It is called the subtropical ____________ pressure zone. Within this zone are large centers of high pressure. Within these high pressure centers, air ________________ and ________________. Will this alone result in cloud formation? ___________ The winds circulating around these large high pressure centers help to steer the direction of _______________________. In the mid-latitudes there exists a fairly narrow band of strong winds called the _____________________________
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Unformatted text preview: El Nino What is El Nino? It’s an event associated with significant ______________________ of sea surface temperatures in the eastern tropical _______________________________ II. Regional Wind Systems 1. Sea Breeze The sea breeze is a wind that flows from _________________ to __________________ during the day. (remember we always talk about wind from where it’s coming) What factors result in a sea breeze? a. During the day the _______________ heats more rapidly than ________________ b. ____________________ pressure develops over the land c. ____________________ pressure is found over the water d. The pressure gradient force causes air to flow ____________________ or in other words from sea to land. (This is occurring at the Earth’s surface)...
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ATMO Notes Ch. 8 - El Nino What is El Nino It’s an event...

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