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Aug. 27 th : Rangeland- native, ecologically managed land, not mechanically managed (plow); provides forage and habitat ~72% of land area in the US falls into category of rangeland, less than 10% of the population lives there; 4% crop land:2-3% urban land In TX, water defines the physical landscape and the limits of human activity Its abundance, scarcity and quality determine the patterns of vegetation and wildlife Its availability limits population and economic growth 90% of usable water in west comes from rangelands Water Volume Distribution: Oceans 97.22% Glaciers, Ice 2.15% Ground Water 0.61% Surface Fresh water < .02% 1.3 bil acre ft. or 1.6 tril cubic m of water is carried by streams and rivers in the US
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Unformatted text preview: 18.5 in. is the average precipitation amount in LBK Water is a cyclically renewable natural resource Minerals (gold, copper) not renewable Vegetation, crops, timber are renewable 1 molecule of water turns over every 10 days, highly cyclical Measurements: 1 acre foot = 325,851 gallons 1 cubic meter = 35.31 cubic ft 1 cubic meter = 264.15 gallons 1 acre foot = 1233.48 cubic meters Water is a Variable Resource Variable in space Variable in time Variable in quality There is a relationship between precipitation and run-off...
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