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Sept. 1 st : Watershed management- directing a watershed; uses water, land, and processes of management Water is a raw material and finished product, and the factory for it is the watershed Objectives of Watershed Management: 1. Maintain and/or increase water yields 2. Maintain and/or improve water quality 3. Regulate timing of stream flow 4. Control excessive soil erosion and excessive run-off (not natural soil erosion and run-off) Watershed Management- the management of land for the “optimum” production of high quality water, the regulation of water yields and for maximum soil stability, along with other products of the land. Historical Development of Watershed Management: -1342 watershed in Switzerland, decided to manage forestland, probably the 1 st management of a watershed -In US 1833 New York State legislature made a forest reserve to protect head
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Unformatted text preview: waters of the chief rivers in the state-1890 US congress passes rain making experiments -1908 1 st forest experiment sight in Arizona primarily funded to do water research -1910 paired watersheds; test one leave the other alone, see what happens Water Resource Problems: Water becomes a problem when there isn’t enough, endangers human safety or becomes an inconvenience 1. Problems of absolute supply (quantity) Not enough:-quantity in context of water year (Oct. 1 st – Sept. 30 th ) * Oct. is end of growing season in Northern hemisphere-simply do not have enough water; problem: water importation/ cost issue and water from imported place will run out eventually too-desalinization for fresh water; problems with cost -reduction in evaporation losses in areas of high evaporation...
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