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Sept. 22 nd : Precipitation process -Ice crystal theory—air rises & expands; as air cools humidity goes up water molecules in gas form converts to a fluid; ice crystal is so attractive to water vapor that more and more water molecules stick to it; then ice crystal heats up in atmosphere and becomes a rain drop -Capture theory—direct capture water molecules bjmp into each other and stick together; get heavy and fall or water molecule creates a wake behind it as it falls -Vegetation condenses warm water moving through the air (horizontal precipitation) Occult precipitation -Orographic storm—mountain storms; storm goes up and over mountains
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Unformatted text preview: -mainly on west coast of US-duration: long-intensity: mild -not much thunder or lightening -Convection storms—uneven heating of air creates convection cells -usually localized area-almost always lightening and thunder-intensity very high (flash flooding)-common in south and southwest US-Frontal storms—cold or warm front (the air mass that is moving is the one that determines what kind of front it is Generally precipitation:-Decreases with latitude-Increases with elevation-Decreases as you go inland...
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